"text me when you get home so i know you’re safe" kinda people are the people i wanna be around

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“Whatever comes, let it come. What stays, let it stay. What goes, let it go.”
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“I’ve been hurt so bad and I still love so hard. I admire my heart for that.”
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Omg, so I’m actually not this bad at making screencap redraws or whatever.

Latin@ Lady & the Tramp this time.

I love this

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humans are so cute, when we say goodbye we put our arms around each other and to show we love someone we bring them flowers. we say hello by holding each other’s hand, and sometimes tiny little dewdrops form in our eyes. for pleasure we listen to arrangements of sounds, press our lips together, smoke dried leaves, get drunk off of old fruit. we’re all just little animals, falling in love and having breakfast beneath billions of stars

this is my favorite post

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